How to Practice Magic in the Broom Closet

Maybe you’re not ready to tell people about your witchy ways, or maybe you never plan to. Whatever the case may be, it can be hard to practice magic in secret. I’ve been where you are and I know the toll that it can take on your craft. I’ve complied the main ways that I incorporated magic into my life without anyone in my family taking notice in hopes that I can help you do the same.

A quick disclaimer: I’m not implying that you need to hide your beliefs or practices from anyone. However, I understand that witchcraft and paganism is still a widely taboo subject in some areas, and for some it’s literally unsafe to openly practice magic. This article is simply for those who don’t feel comfortable or are unable to express themselves openly. You do you, girl.


Incorporate Subtle, Daily Rituals into your Routine

For a lot of witches, displaying an altar and preparing spells is a large part of their practice. If you don’t have the option to do so, how do you stay connected to your craft? For me, I found that subtle, daily rituals were so important because they kept me connected to my power without being risky. Here are some of the ways I disguised my magic as mundane things:

·       Make tea with healing herbs

·       Go on hikes to connect with nature

·       Wear crystal jewelry

·       Paint your nails corresponding colors (black for protection, red for ambition, etc.)

·       Hide sigils in places no one would look (under your bed, in a notebook, in your purse)

·       Create a portable altar in a mint tin

The possibilities are endless with a little creativity and cleverness.


Go Digital

Another way I kept witchcraft separate from my friends and family was by keeping my information digital. That way I was never worried about someone finding a physical copy of my spells or notes, and I could password protect everything. The possibilities are endless, but these are the three major ways that I kept track of my craft digitally.

1.       Create a digital grimoire. Use an online program like Google Drive or Evernote to keep notes, spells, pictures and videos all in one place. The cool thing about digital grimoires is that you don’t need to be an artist to create a beautiful document. I don’t know about you, but when I see all those detailed, hand-drawn grimoire pages in leather bound notebooks, I just feel inferior. I can hardly draw a stick figure, let alone fill an entire book with picture-perfect drawings. If you’re artistically impaired like me, digital grimoires give you the freedom to use fun fonts, images, and clip art to create personalized pages that are safe from the rest of the world.

2.       Make a second social media account. If you want to keep your search history on the down-low and connect with other like-minded folks, make a Tumblr or Pinterest account specifically for your witchy interests. While you can use any social media platform, these two work especially well because they allow you to repost content and create an online grimoire of sorts.

3.       Download some apps. I love having magical apps. They’re just so convenient. I suggest starting with a rock and plant identifier app, a tarot app, and a moon phases/constellation app. The best part about apps is that you can put them in a folder on your phone, and no one will ever suspect that you’ve got a witchy arsenal at your fingertips.


Disguise Your Craft as Mundane Hobbies

Everybody has hobbies, yours just might be a little more unique. When I finally began actually practicing magic, I realized very quickly that there wasn’t a good way to do so under wraps. Most spells require tools, burning or anointing things, talking out loud, etc. I struggled to understand how I could ever be express myself within the confines of my situation.

I knew I had to get creative. Instead of trying to hide my craft, I would weave it into my other hobbies so that I could practice freely without turning any heads. These are some of the ways I disguised my craft as mundane hobbies:

1.       Kitchen Witchery. Food is a great way to infuse your intent into something consumable. Cooking and baking are normal hobbies to have, so no one will think twice if you decide to whip up a batch of cookies every full moon.

2.       Green Witchery. Similar to baking, gardening is a totally normal hobby to have and it works with witchcraft – because, let’s be honest, most of us love using herbs a little too much. Plant an indoor herb garden, go outside and forage, keep dried flowers, whatever your heart desires.

3.       Get into art. Not only is art a great creative outlet to help heal and inspire, it can also disguise your spells and sigils. Draw a sigil on a canvas and paint over it, charge an art piece with your intention and then display it, or use color magic to charge a piece with energy. Art has endless possibilities. The coolest part of art is that you can display your work without anyone knowing it has a deeper purpose.

4.       Use everyday items. A lot of witchcraft is based around having the proper tools and gadgets, but that’s just not possible for everyone – and that’s okay! Instead of using tarot cards, learn to read playing cards and people will assume you’re playing a complicated solo game. Start a rock collection as an excuse to display crystals and stones. Use hand sanitizer for purification and sunglasses for protection. Light scented candles that correspond to your needs (cinnamon for shielding, rosemary for cleansing, lavender for relaxation, etc.).

Once you start getting creative, it gets easier to add a little magic here and there.


Focus on Finding your Personal Power

It can be easy to get wrapped up in all the fun ways to practice magic, but when you’re stuck in a situation where you can’t fully express yourself, it’s important to go back to your roots. You are where you are for a reason. If you’re circumstances are preventing you from becoming who you want to be, there is a reason for it. Take this time of limitations to learn trust in yourself and the process.

Remind yourself that you are your most powerful tool. You don’t need an arsenal of tools and ingredients to practice magic. All you need is your belief, intent, and focus.

This time can be frustrating and confusing, and that’s okay. The important thing is to build confidence in your own power. Establish a connection with your higher self now because you’ll be connecting with her quite often, and you’ll need a strong bond for successful results.

When you can’t focus on practicing your craft in the physical world, take it as a sign to focus on yourself. Ground yourself and listen to what your soul is telling you. Find your power and strengthen it so that when you do have the freedom to practice, you do it well.