A Simple Protection Oil

Sometimes you just need a super simple oil to protect and purify. Here’s my go-to oil for anything related to protection, warding negative energy, or purification.


What You’ll Need


Herbal Properties

  • Rosemary: One of the oldest herbs used in magical practices, rosemary is known for its cleansing and purifying properties. It’s also known for being a strongly protective herb.

  • Lavender: Usually, lavender is used for calming the mind and bringing out psychic abilities. However, I love to use it in protection spells for it’s long-lasting, gentle way of warding away negative energies.

  • Frankincense: Frankincense is a very powerful resin that has many uses. It purifies, drives away negativity and spirits, and amplifies energies. In this oil, it’s used to both protect and amplify the lavender and rosemary.


Creating the Oil

  1. Cleanse your jar, ingredients, and space with the incense. Create a sacred space to concoct your oil. Pick an incense or herb that you resonate with. My first picks are usually frankincense, lavender, or sage.

  2. Add your herbs. While adding each herb, speak out loud or in your head about the intention/purpose of that herb. Ask any deities, spirit guides, ancestors, etc. to help you charge your ingredients with energy. Tell you ingredients what their purpose is. This can be as simple or complex as you like, but I tend to say a short chant like this:

    Rosemary, envelop the user of this oil with your protection and purification. Lavender, surround the user of this oil with your gentle positivity.

  3. Add your carrier oil. My favorite oil for making spell oils is sweet almond oil, but any neutral, skin-safe oil will work. 

  4. Add a few drops of frankincense essential oil. The amount of drops depends on your fondness of the scent of frankincense, so go slow and add one or two drops at a time. Again, tell the frankincense what its purpose is. Something like this:

    Frankincense, strengthen the power of this oil and protect the user of this oil.

  5. Add the lid to your container and shake the mixture up. Be sure your lid is on tight!

  6. The oil can be used immediately after being made, but is best after sitting for a while. I like to leave my freshly made oils in a window sill for about a week - both to charge in the sun and sit in the moonlight. If you plan to use this oil on your skin, I always recommend you test how your skin reacts with a patch test first. You can also add this oil to baths and anoint candles with it.


Storing your Oil

Be sure to store any oils in a cool, dark place. If the oil begins changing in texture or odor, don’t risk using it!